Favourite things…. Talita

Good afternoon/morning to our beautiful blog followers! We hope your little corner of the globe is as deliciously sunny as ours here in Tasmania, Australia….

Over the next little while, we would like to introduce you to some of our Esther Online Team, as well as showcase a few of our favourite things!

Firstly, we would like to introduce you to Talita. We, (her ladies in the office), know her as ‘Boss’ or ‘Tee’, and love her to pieces! She is the founder and company director of Esther, which is both a Boutique Store and also an Online Store (www.esther.com.au)….. this makes her one of THE busiest/talented/crazy women we know! She is 27 years of age, married to the wonderful James, and has one beautiful feline child named Merlot (who features very heavily on our instagram if you would like a peak!).

In this blog we are featuring some of her favourite things…. hope you enjoy! x



1. SCENT: ‘Flower Bomb’ by Victor and Rolf

2. FLOWER: Peony


3.  ITEM IN HER WARDROBE: Floral Shirts…. i am obsessed!





5. FOOD: Japanese


6. LIPSTICK: Innoxa in ‘Nude’


7. ACTRESS: Kate Hudson



8. BAND/ARTIST: City and Colour


9: LATEST TREND: Mismatched Prints



10: CAFE/RESTAURANT: ‘The Quarry’ in Hobart (http://www.thequarry.com.au/)




12. SNACK: Almonds



13. FASHION ICON: Diane Kruger


14: COULDN’T LEAVE THE HOME WITHOUT? iPhone, Lippy, Raybans!

And thats our Tee-  Hope you enjoyed! New styles and garments are now uploaded daily…. And don’t forget our free shipping for orders over $200! http://www.esther.com.au


Can’t live without it….

Our fave denim-y and leather-y looks of Winter 2012….

Sources: http://fashionflorence.tumblr.com/, http://oheey.tumblr.com/, http://sallieromance.tumblr.com/, http://thejewinjcrew.tumblr.com/, http://the-fitting-room.tumblr.com/, http://wherethesidewalkbegins.blogspot.com.au/, http://thedreamerandthedrifter.tumblr.com/, http://pinterest.com

Feeling frosty? We have beautiful knits and warm things for our Aussie friends heading into winter! And for our Northern Hemisphere friends, we also have beautiful summer pieces and cocktail dresses available. Just head to http://www.esther.com.au!

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