shiny silver


gorgeous blogger Vydia from The VR Verdict wears our rolling in the deep mini, classic bomber jacket & venice leather look top


c8199491eba87eeeb59444770cd98a3e tumblr_m71ktsZFhL1rzm70lo1_500 118993615124561446_WL8AfhHE_f 4ec85d0d6f98ea3c2e100e0e25189bc9 84301824244960601_bXkW7T49_f 4f4b959084ad17dd166a50c05bdd153b 8ac19fb70e7109768875781ebc9841db 196469602463515526_xUtgY2cB_f 485ec6f1ebc8b28b5b081db72f7a7716 bcd5c6f7512853114275c318f389d816img_2478tumblr_lxycgvbOzM1qmix1to1_500 tumblr_m30ne6GpWO1r8fscbo1_500 201254677068369509_S0VeViFc_f bd10dde27f95a2496eead6f931af43cf fa437f684f97bc97e4657bfcac7a0572 tumblr_mepdc32PFL1qboreko1_500 tumblr_mkrs6vAmYo1s4bffoo1_500 201254677068369509_S0VeViFc_f tumblr_mmmvv3s3TE1rbavh7o1_500 tumblr_m5k3tquQDr1ryv970o1_1280 tumblr_m37g7hDxtA1qk0mqro1_500 272467846176224167_dU1eHGYN_ftumblr_ls00w0rc2M1r1jixro1_500 6896205648894106_la2RUdrb_f


With love,

The Esther Team x

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