Favourite Things…. Laura

Hello one and all!

Today (while she was on her break!), we thought it was time to introduce to you the voice behind our blogs, the brunette that writes to you all weekly… our lovely, luscious, lively Laura.

“Lau Lau” as she is commonly referred to, works in our Marketing Department. In real life she is as stylish as the blog posts she uploads weekly, inspiring us all from everyday to catwalk fashion. Lau Lau is the most outgoing of the group, bringing life and energy into the office every day! She works in our Esther headquarters office part-time and bedazzles us all with incredible passion and fire for life. That’s right ladies, she’s all that!

The most important thing in her life is her family and friends, both she holds very close to her heart. This shows in everything she does and the kind nature that she has. To add on top of this, she is one of the louder ladies in our team (it’s guaranteed to be a fun day if Laura’s in the office!) Like most of us, Lau has a passion for shopping but limits herself to one purchase a month (very daring coming from a woman working in a clothing boutique!). As you can tell, she is a very smart, sophisticated and definitely savvy woman. Whether its blasting Robyn or singing “Call Me Maybe” at the top of her lungs, she fills our lives with fun, love, and lots of  laughs…introducing our Lau Lau…





1. FAVOURITE SCENT: “Stella” by Stella McCartney




2. CELEBRITY OF THE MOMENT: Sophia Grace and Rosie (Lau is showing us clips constantly!)



3. CURRENT FASHION TREND: Blazers paired with Shorts



4. MAKE UP MUST HAVE: Sportsgirl “Bronze Me” compact bronzer powder


5. STYLE ICON: Jessica Hart LOVE HER! obsessed.



6. FAVOURITE FOOD: chocolate mousse


7. MALE CRUSH: Austin Nichols


8. FAV ITEM OF CLOTHING YOU OWN: my “Tuesday” Orange Blazer from esther.com.au


9. FEMALE CRUSH: Emma Stone



10. RANDOM FACT: I have a fear of tissues!


11. FAVOURITE NEW ESTHER ARRIVAL: Toni Sequin Detail Cocktail Dress


12. TV SHOW OF ALL TIME: One Tree Hill


13. BEST THING ABOUT WORKING AT ESTHER: That it feels like each individual that works here were made for each other! We are all friends outside of 9-5 and love spending time with each other.


14. FAVOURITE FLOWER: Green Hydrangeas


15. QUALITIES IN A DREAM HUSBAND: humor, integrity, love of God and church, creativity, kindness, passion, consistency (not much to ask for really!)


…annnnnd that’s our Lau Lau. New arrivals uploaded now at esther.com.au. We are becoming more and more excited about Spring, so keep a look out for some stunning new arrivals coming later this week!




The Esther Team x

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