Favourite Things…. Bec

Good afternoon Blogosphere!

We hope you have been enjoying reading about our Esther Team, and their favourite things (our personal favourite question is always the celebrity hotties, which of course we need to ‘google’ to get a pic of for the blog!). Here in Australia we are definitely celebrating the end of Winter and welcoming in SPRING. The beautiful sparkles, pastels and florals make for a beautiful season, and we cannot wait for you to see all the amazing new treats coming in!

But before all that, let us introduce to you our beautiful Bec.

‘Beccy’ as we know her, is our Esther gypsy. She is beautiful, sweet, wild and free. Her perfectly blonde and rarely-requiring-any-form-of-brushing hair looks AMAZING flowing in the wind (not like us mere mortals, who’s hair usually ends up stuck to our lipgloss), and she loves going on glorified camping holidays with her husband Tim, with no agenda, no budget, and no plan. At Esther, she is our ‘Dispatch Manager’, which is a fancy term meaning that she is in charge of making sure your beautiful parcels get given to Postie Dave every day.

Here are her current favourite things- we hope you enjoy!



1. Favourite Snack: Olive and Garlic Bread

2. When you were little, what did you want to do when you grew up?: Be a fashion designer….. or a dolphin trainer at Sea World!

3. Who is your Style Icon?: Christine Centenera

4. Current Favourite Song: ‘Sleepless’ by Flume

5. Favourite Hair Care Product: Moroccan Oil

6. Favourite Memory: Drinking a cup of tea, overlooking a beach, while sitting in the sunshine in our big old van, driving around Aus on any given day.

7. Favourite Flower: Dahlias

8. Favourite Item of Clothing in your wardrobe: My black sequinned jacket that my grandmother gave me from the 80’s

9. Favourite current trend: Heeled ankle boots- pretty and practical

10. Favourite thing to do in your spare time: I adore sewing…. especially at home in my tree house

11. Celebrity Crush: Rhys Uhlich

12. Favourite TV Show: ‘New Girl’ with Zooey Deschanel

13. Why do you love working at Esther?: I love the craziness! I love the girls i work with, we make a great team. I also love the fast-paced environment.

14. Favourite Celebrity: Kate Bosworth

15. Favourite bargain find: My long ‘Kermit’ green woollen coat, only $10!

16. Favourite Scent: ‘The One’ by Dolce & Gabbana

17. Favourite new arrival at Esther.com.au: ‘Snowball’ Cocktail in Black (click here to purchase!)

18. Random Fact about yourself: I only have one dimple! Although it’s big enough to make up for my other cheek’s lack of.

And there you have it- that’s Beccy!

Have a great Wednesday.

With love,

The Esther Team x

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