Favourite Things…. Eloise


We hope you are enjoying reading about our amazing Esther Family!

Today we would love to introduce to you the ever-sweet Eloise. Eloise is our photographer/graphic designer extraordinaire! She is the pretty face behind the camera of our photo shoots, and also takes care of a lot of promotional piccies and graphic bits and pieces (forgive me- i don’t really know the technical terminology!). She is lovely and kind-hearted and although more on the quiet side than most of our epically loud and vivacious team, she  has a brilliant sense of humour and causes the ladies in the office many-a-giggle.

Here are a few of her favourite things….


1. Favourite Treat/Snack : Cookies from Yellow Bernard (our Esther favourite coffee house- click here for info!)

2. Favourite Celebrity: Lara Bingle



3. Favourite Song: ‘Angel’ by Giuseppe Ottaviani…. great pick me up!

4. Style Icon: Erin Wasson



5. Favourite Beauty Product: Dior Eyebrow Pencil in ‘Sand’


6. Why do you like working at Esther?: Because I wake up in the morning and enjoy going to work! I spend my days with an amazing bunch of girls, snapping photographs and creating.

7. Favourite Scent: ‘Poison’ by Dior




8. Celebrity Crush: Kellan Lutz



9. Favourite Item of clothing in your wardrobe: Cameo ‘Black Widow’ Cape

10. Favourite Winter 2012 Trend: Faux Fur



11. Favourite Food: Tapas




12. Favourite childhood memory: Desperately wanting to be a koala rather than a girl (true!)

13. Favourite Flower: Peonies




14:  Favourite new arrival at Esther.com.au: The ‘Sui Flora Cape’- online this week!

15. Favourite holiday destination: Brazil



Hope you liked meeting our Eloise! She is a true gem!


As we type this, she is mid shooting some special pieces for you, which will be uploaded in the next couple of days- we hope you enjoy them! There’s some beautiful things in there…


Don’t forget to also enter our Facebook competition! There’s an amazing $500 voucher up for grabs and its super simple to enter!

Click here: http://www.facebook.com/www.esther.com.au/app_403359706360567?ref=ts




The Esther Team x

2 responses

  1. Hi team,

    Just wanted to ask if you have any idea where the short sleeved top/jacket (soft orange in colour) Lara is wearing in the image you have of her?



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